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'I started to play guitar at the age of 15. The spark occurred when I first heard Metallica 'Ride The Lightning': "I want to play guitar, and this is the music I want to play!". So, no surprise, my first band was a cover band; mainly Metallica stuff. Then I joined a grindcore band. No cover there, only brutal noise! Quite fun! Some demo tapes might still exist in some drawers... Not sure I want to hear this ever again. I met Laurent Py in this band. He used to be bassist at this time. Then I wanted to be in a more melodic band; Death Metal band but a bit more melodic. I started to play with a few local musicians and met the guys with who we formed Kalisia. Things began to be “serious”. We had quite encouraging feedbacks after our first demo (1996). A few gigs supporting bands like Samaël, Emperor, My Dying Bride, Therion, Eldritch, Sadist, Misanthrope... Then the long work on a concept album started. Interesting work but way too long for me. I staid in the band during the composition process, recorded my guitar tracks and left the band in 2003. In the same time I used to work as a temporary guitarist with the band Chrysalis, led by Aurélie Potin-Suau. Aurélie Potin-Suau stopped Chrysalis and became Eilera. I’ve worked with her UNTIL 2011. This project led to a record deal with Spinefarm Records. An EP and an album were recorded in Finland at Finnvox Studio with Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, Apocalyptica, 69 Eyes...). Back in France, the adventure is still going on… But one project like Eilera couldn't be enough. My brain was boiling with thousands of ideas that couldn't fit in Eilera. It was time to have a new band. In less than two weeks, eight songs were composed. This was enough to contact musicians to form a band. Detoxed was born in september 2009.'

- Loïc

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  • [ANDREASONY] OCT. 17th - Gruissan
  • [ANDREASONY] AUG. 9th - Bessan
  • [ANDREASONY] AUG. 22th - St Quentin la Poterie
  • [ANDREASONY] AUG. 14th - Montarnaud
  • [ANDREASONY] AUG. 9th - Bessan
  • [BLACK PERLE] AUG. 7th - Armissan
  • [ANDREASONY] JULY 14th - Montauban
  • [ANDREASONY] JULY 26th - Montblanc
  • [ANDREASONY] JULY 25th - Valergues
  • [ANDREASONY] JULY 18th - Pinet
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Je propose des cours de guitare électrique ou acoustique.

Styles abordés : Variété française et internationale, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz....

Tous niveaux, adultes et enfants. Cours individuels ou par groupe de deux.

A Montpellier, dans les locaux de Rockshop et dans les locaux de l'école Musika

Consulter www.cours-de-guitare-montpellier.fr ou me contacter pour plus d'infos


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