[ KALISIA ] Skies

KALISIA - skies

(Autoproduction/Adipocere Records)

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  1. Tower of Vanities
  2. Chimera
  3. Lost Souls
  4. The Mental Frames – Part I


All music written & performed by Kalisia
Produced by Kalisia - Engineered by Joël Cebe
Mixed by Joël Cebe & Kalisia
Recorded & and mixed at Tymix Studio
Guitar & Vocals: Brett Caldas-Lima
Guitar: Loïc Tézénas
Keyboards: Laurent Pouget
Bass: Thibaut Gérard
Drums: Laurent Bendahan


  • The Kronics (Fr) : Il ne s’agit pas d’une démo prometteuse ou de quoi que ce soit du genre, il s’agit de 32 minutes d’anthologie, purement et simplement(…). Un monument indispensable du death-metal français et du death-metal tout court.
  • Disposable Underground (USA) : An unbelievable demo of progressive death… incredible musicianship and top-rate packaging and production. The Best !
  • Elegy (Swe) : This is the best new demo I’ve ever heard ! It’s a masterpiece
  • Gallory of Judgement (USA) : … a beautiful masterpiece of avant garde death metal… they are the best that I have ever heard ! 10.0+
  • Hammerhead (USA) :This is one of the best demos I have gotten in my hands on in years
  • Humania Vomitoria (Bel) : This is most definitely one of the best bands ever formed in France… buy this piece of virtuosity and brilliancy !!! 95/100
  • Dark Vibrations (Fr) : You’ve never seen this before ! An irreproachable demo.
  • Electro-Shock (Fr) : Attention : chef d’oeuvre !.. Without any hesitation, I think it’s the best demo that has arrived to the ELECTRO-SHOCK editorial staff !..
  • Go ! More (Fr) : « Attention : chef d’oeuvre ! ». This is the sticker that should ornament the casing of this demo tape… if Melodic Progressive Death Metal is your bedside book, then Skies will be your bible.
  • Le Boeuf (Fr) :…the complexity of the tracks reminds us DREAM THEATER or CYNIC, of whom KALISIA kept the agreeable side only.
  • Mystifier (Fr) : It is simply excellent. Note that this is the best French metal bands that I’ve ever heard (!!!).