[ KALISIA ] Skies

KALISIA - skies

(Autoproduction/Adipocere Records)

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  1. Tower of Vanities
  2. Chimera
  3. Lost Souls
  4. The Mental Frames – Part I


All music written & performed by Kalisia
Produced by Kalisia - Engineered by Joël Cebe
Mixed by Joël Cebe & Kalisia
Recorded & and mixed at Tymix Studio
Guitar & Vocals: Brett Caldas-Lima
Guitar: Loïc Tézénas
Keyboards: Laurent Pouget
Bass: Thibaut Gérard
Drums: Laurent Bendahan


  • The Kronics (Fr) : Il ne s’agit pas d’une démo prometteuse ou de quoi que ce soit du genre, il s’agit de 32 minutes d’anthologie, purement et simplement(…). Un monument indispensable du death-metal français et du death-metal tout court.
  • Disposable Underground (USA) : An unbelievable demo of progressive death… incredible musicianship and top-rate packaging and production. The Best !
  • Elegy (Swe) : This is the best new demo I’ve ever heard ! It’s a masterpiece
  • Gallory of Judgement (USA) : … a beautiful masterpiece of avant garde death metal… they are the best that I have ever heard ! 10.0+
  • Hammerhead (USA) :This is one of the best demos I have gotten in my hands on in years
  • Humania Vomitoria (Bel) : This is most definitely one of the best bands ever formed in France… buy this piece of virtuosity and brilliancy !!! 95/100
  • Dark Vibrations (Fr) : You’ve never seen this before ! An irreproachable demo.
  • Electro-Shock (Fr) : Attention : chef d’oeuvre !.. Without any hesitation, I think it’s the best demo that has arrived to the ELECTRO-SHOCK editorial staff !..
  • Go ! More (Fr) : “Attention : chef d’oeuvre !”. This is the sticker that should ornament the casing of this demo tape… if Melodic Progressive Death Metal is your bedside book, then Skies will be your bible.
  • Le Boeuf (Fr) :…the complexity of the tracks reminds us DREAM THEATER or CYNIC, of whom KALISIA kept the agreeable side only.
  • Mystifier (Fr) : It is simply excellent. Note that this is the best French metal bands that I’ve ever heard (!!!).